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I have always liked to read, as a kid I loved when the book fair would come to school. The smell of the paper always brought a smile to my day. I was shy until of course I hit high school. That was when my romance novels meant the most to me. I had dreams of Romeo and Juliet romances minus the death scenes. I actually planned my high school career to look a little like Grease… yes I was and am that much of a dork.

Now as an adult I am still as addicted to the written word as ever. My treat is to go to the book store and pick up a romance novel rad it keep it pristine and put on my shelf. That book shelf has exploded and I have the enjoyment of buying another to put my treasures in.

What started me in this journey? My friends really. Everyday they would ask me what are you reading? This question would light me up. See, I am passionate about the stories I read. I live them in my head, so when I would retell the story to my girlfriends they would instantly want to buy it. Yay!!

I became friends in some FB groups that would talk about the book I was reading or had just read and the always had another suggestion for me to pick up another book. I began putting up my reviews on Amazon then on Goodreads to try to connect with the authors of these amazing stories that were lighting me up. Connecting with them i made friends and so my blogging career began.

I decided that I would help women that were like me and started out bringing their hobbies to life, putting themselves out their in a scary world were people can be mean and hateful. But me I love to read other peoples imaginations and am in awe at what they come up with.

Is you love to read as much as I do, then I hope you enjoy this dedicated to help out authors that are starting out and getting some fantastic stories out their.

This is my reading journal so to speak. If you pick up something along the way that inspired you then… I have done justice to this page!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy reading. 🙂


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