The Fairy’s Holiday picks!

Looking for gift giving ideas?

My daughter gave me her list at the beginning of October. So, yeah I have started looking planning an yes buying. She has made it relatively easy for me, “Gift Cards, Mom”. Not that difficult for the 17 year old. The rest of the list is just as easy with lots of women that love jewelry (like me) I go to my favorites. Alex and Ani and Pandora are perfect. I just keep adding to their collections and mine. Easy!

For the guys in my family including my father it is also a no brainer anything techie is good.  The Apple watch, the Amazon Echo, the Kindle Fire and tablets are on all their lists. Being a Kindle lover, cuz I read a lot in case you didn’t know, that is a gift I am happy to give.

I have other less extravagant gifts to give, but I haven’t gotten that list down yet. When I do, I will share it. Maybe we can inspire each other.!

Here some of my top picks.

I love to layer bangles and rings.

Here some of my faves, that are great for gift giving!

First off you can’t go wrong with an adjustable ring.

Check these out!

ALEX and ANI Rings

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Bangles I love Alex and Ani and Pandora. They are great for the holidays and you can find something to personalize your gift for anyone.

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Alex and Ani ~ Amazon

Pandora ~ Amazon

Hope you share your holiday gift giving ideas with me. Let me know if you like mine. 

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