The Fairy’s addiction


I know their are things that we gravitate to and want to inhale and take it in whole. For me it is books and movies or shows that are not only inciting but beautiful to watch. If it has some historical factuality to it then I am hooked. Some of my addiction have been the ones that I feel almost all women of my age or younger have fallen for. Twilight of course, I have Edward standing next to my bed…no judging you know you want one to. Next the Tudors, I mean Henry Cavil is in that! Need I say more? Then we have the vampire Diaries, Beauty and the Beast, The Originals and Reign. I started watching Vikings but have to catch up. Now on to my Latest…. OUTLANDER!


I mean I remember this show when it was on TV sure it was hot but this!?!? This is more than just eye candy for me no, this is stimulating. Sam Heughan is more than just candy ladies, I mean the voice the body and the pain that Jaime is put through is nothing compared to my previous addictions. The content that is the basis for the show, the historical portion of it is like a drug to me. Making me read more on the history of the Scott and the Jacobites. I want to know if the characters were real. If, Jamie was real.  Again, I know I am being ridiculous but there you have it. My confession.

Phew I had to let it out for the world to know that this sad little Fairy is desperately longing to be Claire Fraser, traveling though time to meet my destiny.

Now I have to read all of the books! But then I will be ahead of the show and stuck waiting to see what the producers have in store for me, AHHHHH!!!

So now that my rant is over, let me share some of the yumminess that is Sam both as Jamie and himself. Caitriona you are one lucky leading lady!!!

Yeas Ladies you can thank me for your Sunday rant Sam Heughan invation!


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Or be brave and grab the books:




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